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Uniufa was established in Beijing in December 2004, and has now developed into a group enterprise composed of several sub-companies. The company's business areas include: carbon neutral service, carbon asset management, zero carbon thermal service.The mission of Uniufa is to provide zero carbon solutions based on biomass, promoting the construction of a zero carbon society, realizing the purpose of jointly creating value and seeking for optimal development.Uniufa's carbon neutral business started after the Kyoto Protocol had came into force in 2005. It provides energy efficiency and renewable energy consulting services for domestic and foreign institutions, carbon asset management under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), energy audit and energy saving planning for energy-using enterprises. Uniufa has provided consulting services for International Finance Corporation of the World Bank Group, KFW of Germany, JPmorgan Chase, Macquarie Bank, EDF, EDitalia, Irish Electricity, Export-Import Bank of China, Bank of Beijing and other domestic and foreign institutions. We provide energy audit, energy saving services and carbon asset management services for domestic enterprises in steel, coking, cement, ceramics, paper, chemical, power, alcohol, aquaculture and other industries. Since its establishment nearly 20 years ago, it has served thousands of customers, developed and managed more than 50 million tons of carbon capital, accumulated rich experience, and cultivated an excellent carbon-neutral service team.

Case View


Tianjin TEDA Sewage Methane Recovery Project

It is the first registerd project with AMS.III.H methodological in China. The project belongs to the field of biogas recovery of sewage treatment. The daily wastewater treatment of the project is 1500 cubic meters. The total installed capacity of the power plant is 1MW(2 sets of 0.5MW), and the estimated annual power generation is 6480MWh. The annual emission reduction is 53,000 tons of CO2e.


Waste Water (black liquor) Treatment and Comprehensive Utilization Project in Paper Manufacturing of Hebei Hangyu Group Co., Ltd

It is the first registerd project with AMS.III.Y methodology in China. The project belongs to the field of organic waste treatment, the project can process 1700 cubic meters of black liquor per day and recover 13000 tons of caustic soda.


Methane recovery and utilization project for high concentration organic sewage treatment in Lianhai, Jiangsu.

China's first registerd project with ACM0014 methodology developed by Uniufa. The project is in the field of methane recovery from organic wastewater treatment, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 750,000 tons during the credit period.


Energy efficiency programme for ceramic kilns in Liaoning Faku Economic Development Zone

The only industrial park energy efficiency PCDM project in China, together with Uniufa, as the planner of the industrial park energy efficiency improvement plan, and as the clean Development Mechanism consultant, responsible for the formulation, approval and verification of the clean development mechanism documents, assistant and coordination.The project belongs to the field of energy efficiency, with an average annual emission reduction of 1.01 million tons of CO2e.


Anyang Zhongdan organic waste biogas treatment demonstration project

The world's first registerd project with AMS.III.AQ methodology developed by Uniufa. This project belongs to the field of methane recovery and utilization of waste treatment. During the credit period of the project, greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by 500,000 tons.


Youyang Kaidi Biomass Cogeneration Project

The methodology used in the proposed project is pure power plant generation from biological waste (Version 1) (CM-092-V01), which belongs to the new methodology registered with the National Development and Reform Commission. The project belongs to the biomass power generation treatment, with an estimated annual emission reduction of 126,413tCO2e.


Manure management project in Sichuan

This project belongs to the management of manure of large-scale breeding farms, and the annual manure pollution of 265,000 pig farms lead to 120,000 tons emission reduction through the project activities.


Livestock & Manure renewable energy recycling project in Shangdong

The project belongs to the field of organic waste treatment, with an annual treatment of about 300,000 tons of livestock and poultry manure, 250,000 tons of crop straw, an annual output of 53.33 million cubic meters of biogas, 32 million cubic meters after purifying bio-natural gas, and an annual power generation of 80 million kWh. Annual emission reduction: 514,000 tCO2e.


Industrial Wastewater Methane Recovery Project of Bengbu Tushan Thermoelectricity Co., Ltd.

It is the biggest registerd project with ACM0014 ver. 4 methodological .The project belongs to the energy utilization category, and the annual emission reduction of greenhouse gases is 199,000 tons CO2e.

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Based on the experience accumulated by the entrepreneurial team in the fields of energy, environmental protection, investment and operation over the years, and with the mission of "Together, for sustainable values", Uniufa creates value for customers, employees and shareholders and contributes to the sustainable development of human society by developing business opportunities in the field of low-carbon energy!